Best Noise Cancelling Head Phones Wireless or Wired for Travel and Sleeping -Top 8 Reviews

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The accessibility of some of the best noise cancelling head phones wireless or wired for travel and sleeping (surrounding sound proofing earphones) has been on the rise lately. Many brands currently offer outside soundproofing to contend with Bose, the trailblazer in the space. Noise cancelling assists you with paying attention to your music or digital recordings with diminished external commotion. The space is incredibly aggressive, which improves it for us all as there is no deficiency of extraordinary sound blocking earphones or sound blocking Bluetooth headphones in the event that you favor those.

The best noise canceling head phones wired or wireless for travel and sleeping will generally cost more than $200 – – and a few premium models cost twofold that or more – – yet you can track down a lot of good ANC (dynamic outside sound blocking) earphones and mini headphones at more reasonable price tags. In this way, while a portion of the models on the rundown are without a doubt costly, I’ve likewise incorporated some worth models that perform tolerably for not an excess of cash.

We’ve completely evaluated or had involved listening time with every one of the earphones on this rundown, which gets refreshed consistently as new models hit the market.

OUR TOP 3 best noise cancelling head phones wireless or wired for travel and sleeping HEADPHONES PICKS

Bose QC vs Sony vs Bowers & Wilkins

The BEST NOISE CANCELLING Head Phones Wireless or Wired for Travel and Sleeping REVIEWS

1.      Philips Fidelio NC Headphones Review

This is one of the most elegant headphones in the market today. You might be deceived to think they are not brilliant just because they are wired (for those who are into wireless headphones). Philips has compensated that with making them extremely comfortable and giving long battery life.

What we like:

Close to 30 hours of noise cancelling audio
from a rechargeable battery
The headphones themselves
Hard case for storage
When it comes to performance, Philips punches way above its weight.
We are talking about a well balanced sound performance playing under the most comfortable eye covers.
I don’t want to hype you up by making you think Philips matches the noise cancelling credentials of Bose QuietComfort 35 II or the quality of Sony 1000 XM2 but if you are a frequent traveler, this will still serve you. It definitely deserves to be in the list of the best noise cancelling head phones wired or wireless for travel or sleeping.

They have a nice little switch specifically for noise cancellation,
are comfortable on ears and like I said,
have a hard case to you can’t crash them.

Nowadays looks are everything to a significant number of people.
Philips Fidelio NC1 has a stylish look that is enhanced by the aluminum finish of high quality. These headphones have an executive look and feel.

The ear-pads are made of high quality foam and soft leather. The same material is used on the headband to ensure you never have a tight feel and sweaty ears no matter how long you wear them. This is one of the most comfortable brands of headphones you can even have.
The headphones also come with a ropelike replaceable cable that hardly tangles.

Philips opted to give you an optional noise cancellation switch to ensure that you can switch it off when the battery is going down


However, 30 hours of nonstop noise cancellation from these headphones is remarkable.  

When you don’t want to hear the plane noise and the stubborn background hiss, this is what you need.  

Philips achieved this with an 8 microphone array, with 4 of them actively cancelling high frequency noise on the outside of the headphones which the other 4 counteract low frequency sounds within the headphones.

For air travel, Philips includes an airplane plug in the packaging.

When it comes to audio performance, which is the core function, Philips Fidelio NC headphones offer a decent range with warm and balanced sound. You will experience clear sound, self imposing bass and capture the uniqueness of every instrument. Philips has not lost their ingenuity.


Great design
Quality built material
Wonderful sound quality
Long battery life
Noise cancellation

Having to keep looking for noise cancellation switch not very great

Punch line

If you are a frequent traveler and you love quality headphones, then you should strongly consider Philips Fidelio NC1. They have great sound quality, good looks and meet the basic expectations of many buyers.

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2.      Bose QuietComfort 25 Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

When it comes to quality noise cancelling headphones in the market today, Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones has few rivals if at all. You have to appreciate Bose since it’s been four years and this product is still exceptional and stands out even among powerful rivals like Sony WH-1000XM2 and Bose QC35 II.

These headphones are great value for money especially when it comes to the most important aspects of headphones. You cannot blame Bose for having Bose QC25 wired since they have been around for a while.

For those who would rather go for the wireless, the Bose QuetComfort 35II is for you, it’s the newer and improved version of Bose QC25.

The good thing about being in the market for a while is that it possible to get them at great prices especially during offers like black Fridays and cyber Mondays.

Great noise cancellation
Wonderful performance
Great looks/stylish
Quality build materials

One thing you will definitely enjoy is their noise cancelling capabilities. Bose owns this technology and there is no other brand with better noise cancellation than Bose at the moment.

Bose redesigned the headphone cups to shift from Bose QC 15 and come up with a more advanced and stylish product. Looking at the headphone cups, you can’t help but notice the brilliant looks and a nice combination of blue, black and charcoal plastics to complete the premium feel. This is high quality plastic with automotive grade paint.

And for the first time, you will get headphones that guide you into which ear fits-in where. Many people can’t tell when they are wearing headphones front side back or vice versa. So Bose place a big ‘L’ and ‘R’ sign on either side of the headphone cups to make your work easier.
Each headphone cup has its own unique features, so with some practice it will be easy to differentiate which headphone should be where for easier use.

The right cup has the noise cancellation switch that gives you the ability to regulate noise destructions from your surroundings.
The left cup has controls for volume, pause and voice command controls. If you want to issue a voice instruction, this is the side to rely on. In addition, the 3.5mm cable is inserted into an auxiliary port of this left cup. Clearly it is an earcup with multiple high tech features.

Did you know you can customize the colors and appearance of the headphone, for a quarter price of the total cost? This is a nice and interesting from feature from Bose. Am definitely sure some people will take up this option in a heartbeat.
When it comes to performance, this is where Bose QuietComfort 25 really shines. You cannot appreciate Bose put into this without understanding how Bose QC 15 used to be and its flaws.  

A glaring example was that the QC noise cancellation to be on so that you could enjoy their service. However, with Bose QC 25, that was rectified to make users enjoy the headphones without noise-cancellation, battery free. Normally, this is meant to give users more options while eliminating the threat of going off-charge.

With batteries in, the noise cancellation of Bose QC 25 is excellent, you won’t notice the ambient plane noises during a flight and your will enjoy distraction-free travels. These AAA batteries will achieve a respectable 35 hours of noise cancellation which is decent enough

Bose QuietComfort25 headphones

Besides giving you the option for switching noise cancellation on and off, Bose QC 25 is engineered for perfection when it comes to sound quality.

You won’t find headphones with better sound clarity, separation and finesse. As a result, it has the ability to immerse you deep into music, video games or any audio that you could be listening, especially if the noise cancellation feature is on.

Make no mistake, even with noise cancellation off, the sound quality is still unrivalled so whenever you do not want to fill like you are in virtual reality, you can switch noise cancellation off without fear of greatly compromising sound quality.


Excellent sound quality
Unrivalled noise cancellation technology
Super comfortable especially for long journeys
Great modern looks and design
Rich in features
35 hours of battery life with active noise cancellation
Quality construction material

Cost of customization can be lower although it’s optional

Punch line

If you are looking for a perfect wired head phone with noise cancellation for travel, premium feel and modern looks, you need Bose QC25. It beats competition when it comes to sound quality, depth and design. It is also extremely comfortable and worth having, if you believe you deserve the best.

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Bose QueitComfort 45 headphones

Bose QueitComfort 45 headphones

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3.      Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones Review

 (Wireless with Noise cancellation)

Sony has made tremendous progress when it comes to headphones sound quality. With the release of Sony WH-1000XM3, it became clear that while Bose was heavily investing in noise cancellation, Sony was working twice as hard, investing in both sound quality and multi-layered noise cancellation. The end result is Sony developed an algorithm that adapts to your environment and actively responds to the level of noise in any environment.  They are a definite improvement of Sony WH-1000XM2.

The thinking behind Sony WH-1000XM3 was not just to refine the previous model; Sony wanted with excellent noise cancellation, lighter and stylish design and enhanced comfort.

Sony placed four microphones inside the headphones and the outer earcup. Their work was to counteract noise from the outside and inside. However, unlike Philips, Sony has the adaptive noise cancellation technology meaning they have a more advanced processor with detailed software running these algorithms in real time.

This might also explain why Sony believes you should pay a little more for these innovative technologies.

Sony also added a touch sensitive earcup.

One of the things you will notice about this headphone model is that will all these tech features; it became lighter than the previous model, shedding 22 grams.
Lighter headphones tend to fit better since they exert less pressure through the headband.
In a sense, headphones are not meant to impose themselves to your head.
The best headphone is the one that allows you to fully get immersed in the content you are listening and I think Sony WH-1000XM3 does just that.
If you are planning a transcontinental flight and you know you are going to be wearing headphones for long periods of time, then this is for you. A light headphone is always good for long journeys.

To make sure they are even more comfortable on your head, Sony has dropped the padded bridge in favor of flush fit head bridge. This design change introduces a more cushiony fitting and ensures that you do not have an artificial ‘trench’ around the top part of your head.

Sony also made the earcup deeper, something I personally like. I always prefer headphones that give the ear some breathing space. The deep earcup is also ensures proper fitting that guarantees that your ears won’t start dripping sweat. The earcups were crowned with a copper tone on the outside, which is different from the silver accents of the previous model.

While tweaking the design, Sony also swapped the microUSB charging port with the Type C USB port.
It is clear the new design was to accommodate to touch-sensitive earcup. To pause and resume audio, you only need to double tap the outer part of the earcup. This ability to pause is well thought out since with most headphones, you are forced to remove them in entirety if you are to respond to a whispering neighbor or something.

With Sony, you only need to pause and engage whoever you want, it’s really easy. The downside is that an accidental touch from a child or a passing stranger can end up pausing the audio.
To turn down the volume, you just need to swipe down at the right earcup. Again, an accidental touch can do the same. Turn up the volume by swiping up on the same earcup.
However, the left earcup has two buttons. One is for noise cancellation while the other is for powering on/Bluetooth connectivity.

The noise cancellation button gives you three modes to choose from, Ambient, On and Off.
Sony WH-1000XM3 comes in two colors only, black or silver-grey.

When it comes to performance, Sony has a king

Sony has active noise cancellation which responds to the level of noise within your environment. The 1000XM3 model has four times better noise cancellation that the previous model 1000XM2. This is remarkable given that 1000XM2 was rated as one of the best in the category.

What we like:

Touch sensitive earcup controls
Adaptive noise cancellation
Voice command control – Google assistant
Great audio performance
Quick attention mode
Comfortable for long journeys
Premium design and excellent built quality

Key Features Include

These multiple levels of noise cancellation are able to differential loud noises from buzzing sounds, and this technology deals with all frequency ranges. Sony was also flexible enough to give you an option to let some noise in, thanks to the Ambient Noise Mode.  This mode ensures that you will not miss the plane or train announcements and other important things around you.

In case you are wondering, ‘Quick Attention Mode‘ is a feature that enables you to put external audio functionality without removing the headphones. It reduces volume and using the external earcup microphones. You won’t find Quick Attention Mode in any other headphone brand, its unique to Sony.

The only thing Sony did not work change from the previous model is the sound quality, retaining the same quality with the 1000XM2. On this Sony could have done better.
To be clear, with these headphones, you will get crystal clear sound with excellent bass and fully separated frequencies. It does not matter whether you are using android or iOS, they work just as well.

Immediately after releasing Sony WH-1000XM3 model, Sony assured Google Assistant would be activated through an update, in other words, this model has voice command control. This ability was already available in Bose QuietComfort 35II.
You will also enjoy great call quality; will zero noise and good clarity. This can be attributed to the array of microphones implanted by Sony into the headphones itself.
When it comes to battery life, you get 30 hours. Sony went ahead to ensure that they have a Quickcharge Mode -that allows you to have 5 hours if serous playback after charging for only 10 minutes

Auto-off mode – this is a feature activated by the Sony Connect App to reduce the duration it takes for the headphones to sleep. The app gives you the flexibility to reduce the default 15 minutes to as low as you want 5 minutes if you feel it’s extremely necessary.


This is definitely one of the best noise cancelling head phones wired or wireless for travel or sleep anywhere in the world. Sony has been innovate to develop multiple layered noise cancelling algorithms. You will also be impressed by the many creative modes like Ambient Mode and Quick Attention Mode that make the model extremely flexible and responsive. This model has great design, long battery life with 10 minutes quick charge ability and is comfortable for long journeys. This is definitely one of the best.

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4. Nuraphone Headphones Review

One of the things that you will notice immediately is their unique design. They have over-ear and in-ear combination design. The idea is to have maximum comfort on the years while optimizing of the sound quality.

Many wireless headphones have many buttons all over the place, but with these the stylish design cleverly avoids having too many buttons. According to Nuraphone, they are able to adaption to your music listening habits and adapt according.

What we like:

Battery indicator alert
Multiple points pairing
Automatic power on/off feature
Social Mode –lets some noise in
to allow you to interact with others

Through the sound equalization, you can personalize your sound preferences and effects, giving you the much needed control. Many headphone makers have built-in software that automatically equalizes sound for you. Although that does not necessarily reduce the quality of sound, you have to appreciate any feature that puts that control in your hands. We felt it should make it to the best noise cancelling headphones wired or wireless for travelling and sleeping list because of some of these positive tweaks over time.

When you use these headphones, you can’t help but see the invention was great. These headphones are designed to sense when they are being used. Consequently, they automatically turn themselves on.

When you are not using them, they switch themselves off. They are the sort of products you do not have to worry much about which button is where, it’s almost a pick, fit and use headphone. You only hope that these automated functions do not hung or fail when you really need them.


Nuraphone may seem deceptively common based on their outside appearance. They are made of black plastic that’s quality but not necessarily eye-catching. However, it is the inner part of the earcup that begins to draw your attention. Immediately you will notice seemingly suspended earbuds. The first thing that comes to find is that it may not fit in perfectly since both ears are not necessarily similar in size or perfectly proportionally positioned.

Once you fit them in, you will notice Nuraphone engineers has that in mind and brilliantly gave the earbuds flexible and comfortable material to ensure they sit in perfectly. You won’t even notice the earbuds as such once the headphones are placed on you head.

The thinking behind this design was not just cosmetic, Nuraphone engineers and designers wanted to boost the sound quality by being able to simultaneously run over-the-ear and in-ear acoustic drivers. The end result is that it also enhanced insulation and made noise cancellation enhanced especially when you really need it.

Tesla Valves
According to Nura, these headphones have a built-in cooling mechanism. We all know to inconviniencing it feels when headphones and tightly placed over your head and ears. In the worst case scenario, you might begin to drip sweat, making you feel extremely uncomfortable. Nura claims to have a valve mechanism that keeps your ears cool. It works by sucking in cool air using holes at the bottom of the headphones and expelling hot stuffy air from the earcups using the holes at the top of the headphones.

The design also makes it hard for to the headphones to get hot and unventilated over long journeys. Many be this has something to do with the airy earcups and the silicon construction material.
And while initially they were not noise cancelling headphones, the design make it noise insulation work perfectly. Ever since, Nura has gone on to make the headphones noise cancelling through subsequent software updates.

Sound Customization

Not many headphones make it possible for you to play around with your preferred sound settings. So then you get a product that does, you have to pay attention. This is one of the aspects that set Nura apart. Using the Nura app, you will determine your preferred sound frequencies and set them in place.

Nuraphones are built to be sensitive and responsive to the users’ ears. Different users have different levels of sound sensitivity. So a good headphone must do some sound profiling. From the app, you will be able to determine your personal preferences and avoid being enslaved to the generic settings.
You can have different users setting different sound setups, so you don’t have to worry that some else can mess around with your preferred settings.

Charge from the phone
This is the first wireless headphone to be told you can charge it directly from the Smartphone. This is definitely one of the selling points on Nuraphone since this charging mechanism works flawlessly. In future we expect Sony and Bose to take some notes from Nura. Upon plugging in, music also is transferred through the cable, you entertainment never stops.

Noise cancellation

Like mentioned earlier, the design of the earcup insulates the headphones from most of the noise. However, noise cancellation is slightly different from sound insulation since it involves microphones and speakers that emit sounds that counteract stubborn low frequency noise in the background. This includes office chatter, plane engines etc.

Nuraphones have active noise cancellation that is responsive and adapts to the levels of noise in your environment. Granted, noise cancellation is not something you want to use all the time. Noise cancellation is like a cars 4WD system, they are not created equal.

Nura has some way to go before they can refine their noise cancellation technology to match Bose or even Sony. That said it serves you well especially in environments with loud noise like planes and trains. Am sure future updates will improve this. It is remarkable that the update from passive noise cancellation to active noise cancellation was do through a free software update.

Great sound quality
Can be charged from the Smartphone
Sound equalization options
Active noise cancellation with social mode
20 hours battery life
Few controls on the headphones

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5. Sennheiser HD 4.5 BTNC Headphones Review

Sennheiser has risen of the years to become one of the Best Noise Cancelling Head Phones Wireless or Wired for Travel and Sleeping brands anywhere in the world. When it comes to noise cancellation and excellent sound quality, Bose and Sony are increasingly finding themselves under pressure from this brand. When it comes to technology and service, you will struggle to differentiate Sennheiser from Bose or Sony.

This has been driven by the desire by Sennheiser to bring powerful technologies to the mainstream. We are talking about having the NoiseGuard technology, great audio and affordable price for Sennheiser HD 4.5 headphones.

For the technology and features, they are definitely the best priced headphones in the market today.


When you look at these headphones, you won’t struggle to notice the executive black material and the brushed aluminium finish. It’s so inviting that you want to place your hands on it to confirm if the built quality matches the physical design. Like all top-notch brands, they have flimsy structure appearance to make them easy to pack for long journeys. Do not be surprised if you seem them a lot in first class and business class cabins. They are built for that.
The Sennheiser HD 4.5 BTNC headphones are flexible and light, equipped with quality cushions for comfort and closed earcups.

You can adjust volume on the right earcup, change tracks by sliding and recharge the battery thanks to a micro USB slot on the same ear-cup.
These headphones are wireless but with a wired option, you just need to insert the 3.5mm stereo/audio cable whenever you want, it comes with the package.

To activate the NoiseGuard active noise cancelling feature, you will need to hold a button for 3 second. This button is on the right earcup and is also responsible to adjusting the volume too.

Light travelers will enjoy the softer material used to make these headphones, making it one of the most light. The built quality many be slightly inferior to Bose and Sony but this makes it lighter than both.  When it comes to headphones, the lighter the better.

How do Sennheiser HD 4.5BTC Headphones perform?

The noise cancelling technology from Sennheiser is called NoiseGuard and it uses an array of dual omnidirectional mics counteract ambient sound electronically. It does not matter the whether you are near planes, trains or noisy streets, the active noise cancelling technologies delivers.

You can also connect the headphone wirelessly to your Smartphone through Bluetooth pairing. The sound quality is great, almost as great as Bose QuietComfort 35I or Sony MDR-1000X. The difference is minimal. The one thing you notice is that the NoiseGuard mode can take a bit of oomph from the sound quality, for those who don’t believe in a muffled bass. However, this is not unique to Sennheiser.
Although the NoiseGuard noise cancelling technology just falls short of Bose and

Sony, it does the job. You will need to be an expert to fault it. The volume is distortion free even when tuned really high, something I thought was remarkable.

Battery life
When it comes to battery life, you get 20 hours, which is impressive. This is roughly the same number of hours you get from some top notch brands only that with this Sennheiser model, you get it at a slightly better price.

Great sound quality
Functional active noise cancelling
Light in weight –great from all matter of travels
Competitively priced
Comfortable to wear
No call through button
Volume slider instead of a button
Headbands pads can be expanded to more ventilation


This is definitely one of the Best Noise Cancelling Head Phones Wireless or Wired for Travel and Sleeping especially with its active noise cancelling technology. When it comes to basics, this product passes with flying colors. It has quality sound, good audio, great design and is light in weight. It’s only that if you have tried out the best of the best like Sony WH-1000XM3 and Bose QuietComfort 35II, you will understand without a bit of tweaking, it will get there. However, you want a well priced headphone that does the job, this one is for you.

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6. Shure AONIC 50 Earphones

Since Sidney Shure laid out his Radio Organization in Chicago back in 1925, Shure

has been at the cutting edge of amplifier innovation, cartridge innovation and earphone innovation.

It’s been related with any semblance of Elvis Presley and Aretha Franklin.

It made an early, bold move with encompass sound in films and theaters. Shure knows precisely very thing it’s doing.

It took until the 21st 100 years for Shure to start utilizing its muscles in shopper innovation markets, yet its prudent list of elite execution earphones has made it a central part among additional insightful clients.

What we like:

Great noise cancelling
Quality build material
Good pricing

Lastly Shure is prepared to include itself in the most controversial region of the purchaser earphones market: the remote commotion dropping class.

The Shure AONIC 50 games a remote, dynamic noise cancelling over-ear configuration,

offering at a superior cost to contend with any semblance of the Sony WH-1000XM3 and Bose NC 700 Earphones, and competing for a spot among the best noise cancelling earphones and the best over-ear earphones.

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7. Bose QuietComfort 45 Headphones

Amazon's Choice  over 6k buyer reviews.......4.7 out of 5 starts

They additionally sound basically the same as the QC 35 II, with no change to the drivers. This could easily be the Best Noise Cancelling Head Phones Wireless or Wired for Travel and Sleeping on our list. Where you’ll see an improvement with the noise crossing out (there’s a straightforwardness mode), which is awesome.

As per Bose, there’s another gadgets bundle that controls the new ANC framework, which presently better mutes “undesirable sounds in the midrange frequencies” (voices) that you’d “normally find on passenger trains, occupied office spaces and bistros.”

I viewed that as obvious and give these the slight edge over both the Earphones 700 and Sony WH-1000XM4 for sound blocking. All things considered, you can’t change the degree of outside sound blocking like you can with those models, which offer a more strong list of capabilities, especially the Sony. Nonetheless, after a firmware update, you can now change the sound in the application with balancer settings.

The headset execution has likewise improved, with better sound decrease during calls. Furthermore, these proposition multipoint Bluetooth matching. That implies you can coordinate the QC45 with two gadgets all the while – -, for example, a cell phone and PC – – and switch sound depending on the situation.

They’re outfitted with Bluetooth 5.1 and support the broadly viable AAC sound codec yet not aptX.

While these enjoy upper hands over the Earphones 700 and Sony WH-1000XM4 and do sound very great, those models sound somewhat better:

The 700 is somewhat more regular sounding and tuned something else for audiophiles, while the Sony has more unique bass. So that makes picking between these three models considerably more troublesome.

Check them out on Amazon

8. Bowers and Wilkins Headphones

Accessible in three variety choices (dim, blue and dark), Bowers and Wilkins PX7 S2

earphones offer a few critical enhancements over the original rendition.

What we like:

Light weight
Great sound
Nice voice cancelling

Not exclusively are these earphones more agreeable – – they weigh in at 307 grams – – yet they sound better and have better sound blocking and voice-calling execution with further developed sound decrease.

I don’t be guaranteed to believe they’re a preferable choice over the lighter and, surprisingly, more agreeable Sony WH-1000XM5.

Yet, the PX7 S2 surely looks and feels rich, with its

durable plan, and conveys awesome sound with better voice-cancelling execution because of an overhauled receiver set up. This is why it made it to the Best Noise Cancelling Head Phones Wireless or Wired for Travel and Sleeping list.

Bowers and Wilkins is likewise delivering a move forward model, the PX8, that highlights surprisingly better sound yet costs more.

Check them out on Amazon

The best noise cancelling head phones wireless or wired for travel and sleeping

must have:


With Bose and Sony, you will never go wrong. These two have some of the best buyer reviews for a reason.

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