10 Best Shower Thermostatic Trims With Volume Control and Diverter & Pressure Balancing Shower Valves

Best Shower Thermostatic Trims With Volume Control and Diverter & Pressure Balancing Shower Valves –OUR TOP PICKS

1.      Hansgrohe 04231000 S thermostatic trim with volume control and diverter

Amazon’s Choice …. high ratings

This is one of the most stylish thermostatic trims with excellent finish. It controls two outlets. When considering the best shower thermostatic trims with volume control and diverter & pressure balancing shower valves, one of the brands that easily comes up is Hansgrohe. The have mustered that users need, only that they have done it with luxury standards. The number of outlets in a thermostatic trim is an important consideration when buying. Some come with volume control only.

The top handle controls the water volume through an on and off switching mechanism, it also controls the diverter.

The bottom handle controls the temperature – this is where the term thermostatic comes from – since it does thermostatic control. This is slightly different from the trims that use pressure balance control as a means to control temperature.

While both temperature control mechanisms are meant to ensure that temperature remains modest and within manageable levels, thermostatic controls is easier and more efficient.

According to Hansgrohe, user friendliness, design and functionality are at the top of their priority whenever they develop any product.

It is easy to see these attributes in this thermostatic trim. You get attractive finish options ranging from brushed nickel (which is really elegant and my obvious favorite) and chrome which has a modern look.

The trim plate is resistant to corrosion, dents and mineral accumulation – this is an important consideration since it touches on both durability and easy of cleaning/ hygiene.

Hansgrohe has used technology and innovation to reduce vibration/ noise, just to enhance your showering experience.

This product is made of brass and has an effective anti-scald feature with 100 –degrees safety stop.

You get a 3-way diverter with shower, handheld and tub filler capabilities.

If you are one of those people concerned about pipe freezing, then you are free to leave the tub spout dripping.

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2.      Hansgrohe 15763001 thermostatic trim

If you are already excited about the review above, then things are about to get even better. This Hansgrohe thermostatic trim has two outlets which can be operated at the same time.

This trim feels heavy duty and beautiful, you will be impressed by the temperature stabilization ability. The days of waiting hot water to arrive are over. Water gets mixed soon enough and the temperature is retained for as long as you want, simply put it has great shower control.

You only need to press the necessary buttons and the right works out just fine.

It as an anti-scald feature

Just like any top of class trim, it has brushed nickel and chrome finish option, it complements any bathroom décor.

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3        Delta T13020-SS Monitor 13 Series valve Trim

This is a highly rated economy set that works really well. You do not have to buy a showerhead if you already have one.  It has a very solid make and elegant looks.  To clean it, you only need to wipe it with a piece of cloth.

Delta wanted to deliver a trim that can perform tough tasks with relative ease and they have achieved that with this product. It comes with a single lever that controls temperature. It is easy to operate.

It has an anti-scald valve that keeps temperature within your desired range.

This is one of those trims that you fear might break in case it falls, its built tough and is meant to last long.

While its look may not be designed to impress your visitors, it certainly does its job with ruthless efficiency. It is what you need in your bathroom.

Delta stands behind this product with a lifetime limited warranty.

It is one of the best priced trims and definitely worth considering.

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4.      Hansgrohe 04233820 S Pressure balance trim

This trim is one of the highest rated, which is not surprising since Hansgrohe products have a great reputation. It is a relatively simple, single handle trim.

 This trim will provide water to the outlet of your choice, you can choose showerhead, handheld showerhead or tub spout. Using the single handle, you will be able to control the flow of water, temperature and volume.

It is

It is made in such a way that you can easily remove it from the wall to access water shutoff valves without any need to remove tiles. After servicing, the process of re-installation is equally easy.

One of the things customers agree it that it is very well made, and that you expect no play after installation. If necessary, you can put some plumber’s grease on the O-ring during installation, but that’s just me. The good thing is that the set up instructions are clear and easy to follow.

For the build quality and durability, it is fair to say it is modestly priced, which is a good thing.

You also get limited lifetime warranty from Hansgrohe.

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5.      Grohe 29142000 Grohtherm Smart Thermostatic Trim

Grohe has decided to up the ante when it comes to developing superior quality thermostatic trims. Using superior technology, they have innovated a practical and chic smart thermostatic trim which comes with nice control module. This is probably the most durable, practical and trendy thermostatic trim you will ever own.

You can easily

It is one of the most versatile and flexible thermostatic trims you will ever have. You can combine different spray patterns, switch between them or control them as you wish no matter your shower set up. This is made possible by three valves that guarantee total flexibility.

This is the ideal trim for a shower set that comprises of shower head, handheld shower, side showers and bath tubs. Using SmartControl technology, you can select your desired spray source or sources and set your preferred temperature and volume settings through an on/off push button.

Grohe has installed the TurboStat technology to ensure that you do not experience temperature fluctuations.

Safestop Override button

This trim comes with an override button that helps set the maximum temperature and guarantee no scalding. This is particularly family friendly and useful especially if children tamper with settings that can lead to scalding.

The override button keeps things safe no matter what kids to in the bathroom.

EcoJoy Technology

Grohe has deployed this technology to save water utility bills.

It allows you to reduce the water flow rate without compromising the showering experience.

This smart thermostatic trim is really easy to install. Its round and minimalist in design. You only need a Grohe Rapido smartbox and you are good to go.

It has sophisticated starlight chrome finish to complement any bathroom décor and is long lasting and easy to clean.

You can run the valves and the 3 outlets simultaneously or in any combination.

Whether you want bathtub, heavy shower or light shower, it’s up to you since this thermostatic trim avails all these options. It appears Grohe is bringing to every home what was previously a preserve of luxury homes. 

Grohe stands behind this product with a limited lifetime warranty.

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6. Groheflex Cosmopolitan Dual function thermostatic Trim

If you are having a shower or tub with a non-diverter spout, then this is the trim you need. One of the most important this for Grohe is delivering quality and stylish products. This is the reason this trim comes with a StarLight chrome finish. This finish is designed to ensure that the trim does not have any scratches. It is also tarnish resistant.

Chrome finish, besides protecting the trim guarantees lasting beauty since it complements virtually any bathroom décor.

Grohe has a unique TurboStat technology (this has nothing to do with cars) but it does enhance the efficiency in a big way. This technology ensures water is delivered in a split second while maintaining your favorite temperature for the duration of the shower. You will never experience water volume fluctuation or erratic temperature variations. Grohe appreciates that you need a memorable shower experience whenever you go to bathroom. This technology also ensures that the water pressure is constant, even if you have low water pressure.

How to operate it

This thermostatic trim has a single axis making it one of the easiest to operate. Grohe has volume controls and diverters on this single axis making it easy and intuitive. The axis controls both the water output and direction. If you turn it left, it sends water to the showerhead. If you turn it left, then it sends water to the hand-shower. The volume of the water is determined by how hard you push in either direction.

The center knob controls the temperature. It has a preset temperature of 100F but you can adjust it by simply pressing a little button placed at the top of axis and turn it left.

At a pressure of 45psi you can expect a water-flow rate of 6.3 gpm.

It is one of the highest rated trims based on buyer feedback.

Like any other Grohe product, the quality is absolutely good and Grohe stands behind it with limited lifetime warranty. 

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8. Moen Rough-in 2570 PosiTemp pressure Balancing Valve

Amazon's Choice

Moen has built a strong reputation when it comes to designing and making kitchen and bathroom products.  Moen has been exceptional when it comes to reliability, beauty and innovation. This pressure balancing valve helps in delivering consistent water flow.

The PosiTemp technology makes it possible to maintain water temperature no matter what.

You need to appreciate that this valve is designed to ensure that you can have future style updates without having to replace plumbing.

The valve has adjustable temperature limit just to give you more control when you are showering.

Let me summarize these great features for you

This pressure balancing valve is made of brass which makes it extremely durable.

This product has proved itself over the years. Even buyers confess that plumbers prefer this because of the ease of installation and servicing later on. Moen also gives you about 200 options to trim this.

The valve appears to have built-in stops whose work it to allow you to turn off the water whenever you want to replace your cartridge.

Also, this very valve is used for tubs and shower applications.

This valve is made to deliver and it does all the heavy lifting without drama, it’s the kind of thing you don’t feel excited when you are buying but later on you will appreciate the decision.

Its quality means your will stay for long before thinking about buying another valve.

Expect no leaks and forget petty disturbances that are associated with pressure balancing valves.

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Showerhead valves can be fussy, particularly in the event that a home has hard water. In the event that a diverter valve isn’t filling in as it ought to, it very well might be an ideal opportunity to move up to the Metal Shower Arm Diverter Valve from Mingor.

For clients who don’t as of now have a different shower wand, this diverter valve takes into consideration a simple establishment, as it strings onto the line behind the shower head.

At the point when the handle is 180 degrees in reverse, all of the water will stream to the wand. At the point when it’s 180 degrees forward, all the water will exit through the shower head. At 90 degrees, it blends the two outlets similarly.

One-piece metal development makes this model enduring and strong against hard water circumstances. It accompanies the fundamental O-rings for establishment and is accessible in three completions to match chrome, brushed nickel, or oil-scoured bronze shower trim. Remember that this valve doesn’t blend hot and cold water, nonetheless, so a fundamental shower pack is as yet important.

Item Specs

  1. Type: Diverter valve
  2. Outlets: 2
  3. Material: Metal



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10. EZ-FLO SELF-Shutting VALVE

Metal development and chrome finish pursue it a solid decision for outside applications. The 0.5-inch gulf and outlet make it an immediate establishment for most water-supply pipe fittings.

Kids neglecting to switch off an open air shower can transform into a calamity for the wallet, and it’s particularly terrible for those on well water or living under dry spell conditions.

This independent EZ-Flo self-shutting shower valve introduces straightforwardly in accordance with a current shower head and will work however long as there is pressure on the force chain. Subsequent to delivering the chain, it turns down and preserves water, making it ideal for homes in regions inclined to dry spell or with more established well frameworks.

Ace tip: Make certain to deplete the outside shower’s lines before winter sets in. Introduce a catch to hold the draw chain open too, to diminish the possibilities of a line exploding.

Item Specs



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Managing unexpected cold and hot floods of water is one frightful experience you would have no desire to rehash the same thing since it either made you self-conscious or consumed your skin passing on you to bear the aggravation for certain days. A few group have encountered this present circumstance in the bath. Be that as it may, quite a while back, individuals have needed to introduce a thermostatic blending valve in private and business structures at a fabulous rate, for good reasons.

On the off chance that you are building another kitchen and washroom, or rebuilding or redesigning a current one, you ought to think about introducing a thermostatic blending valve to stay away from certain burdens. Peruse further to more deeply study the thermostatic blending valve, its advantages, and why you need one. A thermostatic mixing valve is a fundamental piece of a cutting edge shower. It is protected, conservative, and advantageous. It ensures most extreme showering delight while protecting you and family from the gamble of burning.

What is a Thermostatic Mixing Valve?

A thermostatic mixing valve is a control valve that controls or keeps up with definite or set-point water temperature for the hour of the shower. It offers assurance from unexpected changes in the water supply to the shower, in that, assuming anybody flushes the latrine or open the kitchen spigot, the temperature of the shower will continue as before. It offers an immediate reaction to yield temperature changes by guaranteeing that the bather isn’t presented to risk.

On the off chance that the cold water supply comes up short, the valve will close down the progression of high temp water to safeguard from singing. The fundamental reason for this valve is to offer 100 percent confirmation and assurance from abrupt changes in the foreordained temperature of the water.

What is a Pressure Balancing Valve?

A pressure balancing valve is a refined pipes gadget that responds to changes in the pressure during water delivery. Normally, both hot and cold water are taken care into the valve, and its responsibility is to guarantee that the volume of water that leaves it is a steady blend of these two sources, regardless of whether the conveyance pressure of the two sources changes. Assume someone flushes the toilet when you are showering.

The water pressure gets affected and this might affect the water temperature in the bathroom. However, with a pressure balancing valve, you do not even notice because the valves absorbs the pressure changes and ensures consistency in water delivery. This is vital to keep the temperature of a shower steady in any event, when the supply isn’t.

How Does A Thermostatic Mixing Valve Function?

A thermostatic mixing valve blends cold and heated water to accomplish the client’s preselected temperature and acts quickly to any progressions or vacillations in the temperature or strain of the water supply by re-changing the blend of the cold so the progressions in tension or temperature won’t influence the momentum temperature.

Advantages of a Thermostatic Mixing Valve

The job of a thermostatic mixing valve can’t be overemphasized. To forestall homegrown mishap and safeguard everybody from getting injured, introducing a thermostatic blending valve in the shower system is fitting. The advantages of a thermostatic blending valve are examined underneath:

  1. Anticipation of Burning
    Everybody’s agreeable temperature level is unique; what is appropriate for one individual might be excruciating for another person. Thus, everybody ought to be permitted to set their favored temperature for the water in their sink and shower. A thermostatic blending valve will make this workable for people to set the various degrees of temperature to try not to get singed.
  2. Avoidance of Warm Shock
    Warm shock is the response of the body to an unexpected change in water temperature either hot or cold. While showering with a specific degree of water temperature like boiling water, an unexpected impact of cold water will take the individual leap far removed. In any case, a thermostatic blending valve will forestall the event of such a circumstance.
  3. Repressing Legionella
    At the point when the temperature is turned down on water radiator to keep individuals from getting burnt and save energy, such water is powerless against developing Legionella microbes that cause a Legionnaire’s infection, bacterial pneumonia.
  4. Destruction of Conflicting Water Temperature
    Establishment of a thermostatic blending valve will stop the time of never being certain of what sort of temperature you would get from a spigot. Hoping to wash you face with some cool water yet out of nowhere the water gets awkwardly hot or hoping to get warm water in the shower however got very chilly water sprinkling on you, it’s anything but a positive encounter. This multitude of circumstances will be forestalled by introducing a thermostatic blending valve.
  5. Compelling Wellbeing Element
    A thermostatic blending valve can be set to control and convey precise water temperature regardless of any conditions or improvements happening inside the home. Assuming that the water temperature gets more smoking than the temperature you set, the thermostatic blending valve will remove the water supply. This element is a reasonable answer for forestalling burning, and it is a security include for the older and youngsters who might not be able to change the water temperature rapidly. A thermostatic blending valve ought to be introduced as a necessary piece of each and every home’s wellbeing device.
  6. Requires No Significant Changes
    Introducing a thermostatic mixing valve doesn’t include harming your property or diving into the tiles and walls to get to the pipes. These gadgets are state of the art innovation that is not difficult to-introduce and finished inside a couple of hours, and you will be safeguarded from singing and different burdens.
  7. Improves Home Resale Worth
    Assuming that you are considering setting up your home available to be purchased, introducing a thermostatic blending valve is one of the redesigns you can complete that will essentially affect the resale worth of your home.

Recollect that the washroom is one of the fundamental agendas for purchasing a home. Furthermore, who couldn’t pay for an upgraded washroom? With a thermostatic mixing valve introduced, you won’t just sell your property at a sensible cost yet in addition quicker in light of the fact that it will speak to different classes of planned homebuyers. It is a fundamental redesign you want to do to sell quick.

Thermostatic mixing valves are significant gadgets that ought to be introduced in the showers to forestall mishaps of different degrees and guarantee the security of everybody utilizing the shower. The expense of establishment will be a negligible part of the expense of the clinical treatment on the off chance that anything turns out badly with anybody in the shower. Thus, introducing a thermostatic blending valve is a brilliant speculation to boost solace, improve security, and give everybody a charming encounter.

Assuming you presently can’t seem to introduce a thermostatic mixing valve in your shower, capitalize on today advantages and redesign your home with current creations that make life more straightforward and more secure. It is basically impossible that you won’t need a thermostatic blending valve introduced in your home with every one of the advantages examined. Live joyfully, live protected.

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