Sprints & Criterium Cycling Training Plan

Detailed, flexible cycling training plan with certified email coach support to improve your sprinting and criterium ability

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  • At the end of this plan, you'll be ready for criterium racing (or similar bike races) with high intensity, accelerations and sprints.

    • • Designed to build and improve your sprint, max power, improve explosivity, and Functional Threshold Power (FTP)
    • • Choose from Beginner to Advance Level
    • • Easier weeks included for recovery and adaptation
    • • Shorter trainings are mid-week and longer rides at weekends
    • • Regular FTP tests to track progress
    • • Choose whether to train with Power or Heart Rate
    • • Workouts compatible with Garmin, Zwift, Trainer Road, Wahoo, Cyclops and more
    • • Free Email Coach Support included for the first use of a training plan
    • • Switch any training plan for free within 7 days of the purchase
  • • Re-use the plan anytime
  • • Access to an invitation-only online community

Plans built on TrainingPeaks software

We use TrainingPeaks to deliver your plan - the world’s most popular online and mobile coaching platform. TrainingPeaks is free to use, an online calendar that lets you record, track, and analyze your training sessions.

Sample Training Week

Criterium Sprints Training Plan

Flexible Schedule - Optimal schedule for busy athletes. If you miss the workout, you can easily move it around in your TrainingPeaks calendar. You'll also be able to choose whether to follow the workouts based on power or heart rate. 

Workouts- The workouts are based on the latest sports science, tuned by years of experience, and used current World Tour athletes! The plan also includes core training, stretching, yoga, and recovery techniques.

Support - If you need any help, our coach is available to answer any questions via email


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Browse 3 sample Sprints & Criterium workouts in our training plan

  • Workout 1

    Criterium Sprints Workout

    Sprints From Sweet Spot Tempo Pace

    Today's workout focuses on sprint accelerations from a sweet spot pace.

    Main workout:
    • 2 series of 2 x 25 min on flats. Perform 4:40' at tempo pace (88-95% of FTP), and 20s sprint at full effort ( intense workout, focus on it ). No recovery after the sprint. Aim is to continue at the tempo pace and improve your body ability to remove lactate within this zone.

  • Workout 2

    Flats with Strenght Sprints

    Today focusing on fast, explosive strength through sprints from low speed and big gear.

    • Low/High RPM flats - a segment where you don't have to break or stop, with the following cadence :
    #1st 8 min 55-65rpm - LOW
    #2nd 8 min +105rpm- HIGH
    recovery between 3-5min,

    • 2 series of 4 x 15s sprints from 0km/h and big gear 53x, rear 13-15x, max effort / rest 2-3min between

    • rest of the ride endurance pace

  • Workout 3

    Hills VO2 Max Cycling Workout

    Intense VO2 Max Hills

    This workout focuses on increasing anaerobic capacity and improves type II fast muscle types ability

    Main workout:
    • 2# series in the climb of 4 x 30s at your near-maximum 98%, last one all in, recovery 1-2min between, recovery 15-20 min between series

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Built by a leading cycling coach

Jakub Novak is a former professional road cyclist with over 11 years of experience. He climbed the ranks all the way to the World Tour and rode for BMC Racing alongside Tour de France winner Cadel Evans or World Champion Philipe Gilbert.

Former qualifications include Certificate in Sport II. and Certificate in Sports Science from Colorado of Boulder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TrainingPeaks?

    We use TrainingPeaks to deliver your plan – the world’s most popular online and mobile coaching platform. TrainingPeaks is free to use, an online calendar that lets you record, track, and analyze your training sessions.

    TrainingPeaks has features enabling you to get as in-depth as you like, including the ability to export your workouts to your training devices (Garmin, TrainerRoad, Zwift etc.) and follow them in real-time

  • What do i need before i start?

    To follow these training plans you need to have a power meter on your bicycle or a heart rate monitor with a cyclo-computer. You can use MTB, Road Bike, or Gravel Bike - or a combination of those. You can choose to upload your workouts into your cyclo-computer or Zwift and follow the workouts in real-time, or you can follow it on your own from your memory.

  • What is entry fitness level?

    It's ideal to start these training plans after a build phase, which means 8 to 12 weeks of training building your aerobic fitness.

  • Who is this plan for?

    This plan is ideal for those wanting to increase their sprinting, and explosive ability. The plan prepares you for shorter races such as criteriums.

  • What coach support means?

    All of our Training Plans include coach support accessible via email or Slack app. We use the Slack application for our online and closed community which you'll be invited to. Our qualified coach is available to answer questions anytime during the first use of your plan.

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