Cycling Nutrition Coaching & Services

Receive a personalized nutrition plan and guidance from our expert cycling nutritionist. Unlock the path to optimized cycling performance, increased endurance, and elevated energy levels.

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How it Works

  1. Fill out our questionnaire

    Give us more details about you, your goals, and your training. Our streamlined onboarding process for new athletes makes the service efficient and more affordable.

  2. Nutritionist carefully reviews your diet

    The nutritionist reviews your detailed nutrition on and off the bike and connects the dots by looking at your cycling training.

  3. One-off consultation or Ongoing coaching support

    A 30-60 minute call with our nutritionist to go over your nutrition. After the call, you'll receive detailed guidance on what to eat before, during, and after rides, along with tips for incorporating the right nutrients into your daily meals. You can also choose ongoing coaching support at any time. 

Imogen Alton nutritionist cycling

Cycling Nutrition Expert

Imogen Alton is a qualified nutritionist with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science from the prestigious University of Queensland where she was awarded with distinctions.

Notably, she's also a distinguished professional cyclist for the UCI Women's Continental team Torelli and a finalist in the prestigious 2021 Zwift Academy. Imogen proudly represented the Australian National Team at the Esport World Championships.

Why Nutrition Matters for Cyclists?

Cycling isn't just about training well – it's about fueling your body for optimal performance. The right nutrition can make the difference between an average race and a podium finish. Our team of experienced sports nutritionists understands the unique demands of competitive cycling and has designed a program that aligns with your training regimen, goals, and personal preferences.

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Nutrition Package That Includes All You Need

Detailed Nutrition Plan

Our plans are tailored to your individual needs, taking into account your training intensity, cycling discipline, body composition, and dietary preferences and history.

Optimised Energy

Cycling demands sustained energy. We'll provide you with a strategic plan to fuel your rides and races, ensuring you have the endurance to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

Hydration Strategies

Dehydration can impact your performance significantly. We'll guide you on how to stay properly hydrated during your rides, so you can maintain your strength and focus throughout.

Realistic and Sustainable

We believe in nutrition that's both effective and enjoyable. Our plans are designed to be sustainable, ensuring that you can maintain your optimal performance over the long term.

Muscle Recovery

Cycling can take a toll on your muscles. Our plans include recommendations for post-ride nutrition that promotes faster recovery, reduces muscle soreness, and gets you back on the road quicker.

Great Value. Affordable Pricing

Choose between one-off or ongoing nutrition support. Our packages encompasses everything essential for optimizing your on-bike fueling and nutrition performance.

One-Off Set-Up Consultation

$299 USD, per 1x set up consultation

  • 60min on-line consultation (via zoom or call)
  • Detailed dietary assessment
  • Tailored off-bike meal plans
  • Tailored on-bike nutrition
  • Pre-ride and post-ride nutrition guidance
  • Customized hydration strategies
  • Race day nutrition recommendations
  • Tailored energy-boosting suggestions
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Ongoing Nutrition Coaching

$199  + set up fee 100 USD, per month
  • Monthly on-line consultation (via zoom or call)
  • Monthly Adjustments
  • Access to a nutritionist WhatsApp for questions at any time
  • Plus everything else included in One-Off Set-Up Consultation
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Not Ready For Hiring a Nutritionist? Get an E-Book about Fundamentals of Cycling Nutrition

This e-guide demystifies some of the confusion around nutrition and debunks poor nutritional advice. As a result, you (through evidence-based research) will have tools that will help support your training and perform to the best of your ability.

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Contact our support if you have any questions

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